About Me

Cher Meli is a master teacher of meditation, executive mindset coach, and yoga instructor with nearly 25 years of teaching experience. Her relatability is key to her success and sets her apart from others in the field. 

Her philosophy is rooted in the belief that one’s relationship with self is the foundation for defining all other relationships. Her work is for those who are ready to take “Empowered Responsibility” for their choices and life—courageously recognizing themselves as the common factor in all of their life experiences. 

Through guided meditation and self-study, open dialogue, breath focus, and various other tools, Cher helps her clients lift the veil of conditioning and deeply seeded beliefs and gain insight into themselves. Cher has led seminars, workshops, retreats, and spoken at lectures internationally. As a meditation and mindset coach, she guides individuals to realizing their unique, personal potential and living authentically with a productive contribution to the collective. 

Cher comes from an ancestral line of wise healers. Her grandmother, Taneo Sands-Kumalae, was a master Kahuna in the Hawaiian Spirituality Tradition of Huna and had transmitted many of her teachings before her passing. Cher holds the equivalent to a Master’s Degree informal studies, including with The White Lotus Foundation, Yoga Therapy Training with Krishnamacharya Yoga MandiramHealing Yoga Foundation/Yoga Foundation, and Boundless Leadership with Nalanda Institute for Contemplative Science, to name just a few.