Corporate Programs: What, How and Why

All Corporate Programming is curated, with the support of a Human Resources Specialist, to include the current initiatives and verbiage of your company culture

The primary characteristic that made Steve Jobs one of the most successful visionaries and leaders of our time was his ability to be calm and concentrated in the midst of chaos.

According to Phil Jackson, the legendary basketball coach, player, “Zen Master” and known meditator, who led his teams to win 11 total NBA Championships, the key to building a strong team is “The ability to overcome multiple egos and elevate the desire for individual achievement in addition to the groups’ achievement”. He cultivates this through mindfully awakening every player’s inner leader; this practice opened the door for the players to reach their full potential. This is the wisdom of a true “alpha” leader.

There has been a shift in the paradigm of the corporate culture. More and more companies are seeking ways to cultivate high qualities of human character, compassion, empathy, trust, courage, and love, in their employees as the fuel that boosts focus, productivity, loyalty and passion, which ultimately results in an increased bottom line


Mindfulness & Meditation tailors this process to the individual.

Jon Kabat-Zinn, the champion of Mindfulness in modern culture, states, “Mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment, and nonjudgmentally.”

Meditation is the strengthening of one’s ability to pivot away from distracting thoughts and focus on an object of choice (breath, mantra, visualization) in the present moment.

Essentially, the practice of mindfulness and meditation strengthens one’s observational ability in the arena of self-study, the capacity to feel sensations and emotions, even painful ones, without letting them control us, awareness of present moment experiences without judgment, ability to lead of life on intention instead of reaction. 


Regular, daily practices in Mindfulness & Meditation have proven to strengthen the gray matter of the brain. These include but are not limited to:

The areas that regulate learning and memory processes

Emotion regulation

Self-referential processing

Perspective based in present moment as opposed to reactions based in memory or assumption

Strengthening will-power

Reducing baseline levels of stress

Assist in pain management

Boosts the immune system

Increase focus and productivity and so very much more.

All of these benefits contribute to the bottom line of any business by investing in its greatest asset of human capital.

Corporate Offering

Single Day Retreats

  • Single-day retreats offer an opportunity for an intensive course of study of Mindfulness & Meditation. These retreats are curated with the support of a Human Resources Specialist to include the current initiatives and verbiage of your company culture. We focus not only on the individual mindset but also on team building and mindful conflict resolution. 
  • Single-day retreats are six hours in length including lunch and breaks. Retreats can be conducted either in-house (your company location) or at an alternate location. 
  • The baseline cost for this program is $1500, additional costs for location rental, catering and prop rentals (chairs, meditation cushions, etc) are not included. Our team will work with your events coordinator on sourcing location and additional elements needed for a productive event whilst staying within the allotted budget.

Corporate offering

Executive Mindset Coaching

Mindset coaching can be offered at the Executive, Leadership or Front Line Levels, for individuals or groups

What is the investment and what is included?

  • This transformative program requires a three-month minimum commitment. 
  • Initial 90-minute assessment (preferably conducted in person). We’ll discuss your company’s unique culture, create a program relevant to your current goals and initiatives
  • 12, one-hour sessions conducted remotely via ZOOM or in-person. Sessions occur once per week and involve course adjustments as needed.
  • Any and all materials are shared with each individual participant via e-mail. 
  • A final, 90-minute debrief and integration mapping. This is an opportunity to reflect, share feedback, and establish tools to maintain integration into your daily HES.

The baseline investment is $3600; travel expenses outside of the New York City area are not included.

  • A minimum 3-month commitment is required to initiate services. 
  • All 12 sessions must be scheduled in advance of starting the program.
  • Sessions must be completed once per week for 12 consecutive weeks.
  • 50% deposit is due at time of booking. 
  • The remaining 50% balance is due by the completion of the 6th session.
  • Three calendar changes are allowed, one per month, throughout the course of the program. Every effort will be made to accommodate these changes; however, in the event that the suggested date can not be accommodated, a one one-hour session will be added to the end of your program (within one week of program completion).
  • No refunds. Should you choose to leave the program before completion, a credit will be offered toward a Conversation, Intensive or classes hosted by me (attendance permitting). Credits cannot be applied to retreats unless otherwise approved.