ESM² Testimonials

“I really loved how esm² made me feel! By the time I finished the program I felt healthy! The recipes were easy to follow and I was able to get most of ingredients at Whole Foods. I loved the self-care portion the best as well as your daily meditations. Thank you again for a great program, can’t wait to tell all my friends about it. Much love.”

– Becky


“I have had the absolute pleasure to participate in a few of Cher’s workshops/programs. The latest being esm². With gentle & loving guidance/support throughout the entire program I have adapted a few of the lifestyle changes which are beneficial to my mind, body & soul.  It would be a disservice to yourself to NOT participate. Take what you need or go all in but I assure you will not regret it for one moment! ”

Victoria R



“WOW! Just wow! That was so powerful, beautiful & inspiring! I loved it and you. Everyone needs to experience esm²”

Cheryl P



It has continued to be an amazing journey being part of Cher’s community of defining in the rooted belief of one’s self. Most recently I participated in the ESM2 program. What a great start to the new year. The program was 10 days, the learnings are a lifetime. I am still practicing what I have learned and will continue. I feel fantastic, energetic, and light from the nourishment of w whole foods and preparation of meals. Intentional rituals and sleep added much success to my journey. Moving my body thru YIN Fusion added to the full body experience. 

– JeanMarie Rodriguez