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in 2023!

A two week lifestyle reset and detox program prioritizing SELF-CARE and personal success through simple, adaptable, and inspired practices. 

ESM² is a program based on holistic self-care practices and designed as a seasonal reset to leave you with newly adopted aspects in your daily wellness routine. It’s about setting achievable goals and creating a plan to guide you every step of the way, like a best friend holding your hand, leading you towards a happier, healthier you. 

Self-care is simple and achievable. My program will show you how to implement effective routines into your life for optimal wellbeing.  

Learn to Prepare Simple Healthy & Delicious Meals
Develop an Effective and Relaxing Bedtime Routine
Discover the Fun and Satisfaction in Movement
Communicate with Your Soul and Listen to Intuition

Expect delicious, wholesome, and adaptable meal plans, shopping lists, recipes, prep schedules, cooking videos, and suggestions on adapting the recipes to meet your dietary needs. The goal is to eat clean. 

Sleep is one of the essential components of good health and the cognitive performance of our mind. I will offer various tools to assist you in adopting healthy bedtime routines which will enable you to drift off to sleep peacefully.

Our body is a temple and the home for our soul. I will introduce you to various movements. You will not be required to participate but invited to move in ways that leave you feeling strong and healthy

Expect brief daily meditations where we’ll start with simple self-awareness and achievable goals for daily practice. I will provide you with daily meditations to leave you feeling calm, grounded, and centered

What to expect from ESM²?

ESM² is not only a program focusing on what you eat but a holistic lifestyle program addressing all of the toxic patterns that affect your energy, mindset, emotional & spiritual being. ESM² is about nourishment instead of deprivation; it is about identifying and eradicating self-sabotaging behaviors; it is about having increased energy and embracing aging gracefully. Also, there is zero fine print about having to abstain from enjoying your morning cup of coffee (although you are going to need to ditch the inflammation-inducing processed creamers).

What to expect while on the program? 

Doing a detox can be challenging and, without question, rewarding! Yes, it will require some planning, and you will be uncomfortable with the unfamiliar, but maybe, just maybe, you’ll discover a new passion!

  • Practical tools for long-lasting and sustainable lifestyle changes
  • A boost in your self-esteem
  • Lifetime access to a range of practical guided meditations
  • Methods for creating effective sleep habits
  • Techniques to enjoy movement and exercise
  • My uniquely developed and time-tested recipe book
  • Resources and recommendations for continued health and wellbeing 

The journey includes:

  • Two Week Success Calendars 
  • Daily Meal Plans 
  • Grocery Shopping List 
  • 40+ Healthy Recipes 
  • Info and Resources on Intermittent Fasting
  • Fun & Fabulous Exercise Resources
  • Improved Sleep Plan
  • 14 Pre-Recorded Meditations 
  • Live Group Meetings
    – Office Hours (detailed in course schedule)


What people say?

I really loved how ems2 made me feel! By the time I finished the program I felt healthy! The recipes were easy to follow and I was able to get most of ingredients at Whole Foods. I loved the self-care portion the best as well as your daily meditations. Thank you again for a great program, can't wait to tell all my friends about it.
I have had the absolute pleasure to participate in a few of Cher’s workshops/programs. The latest being esm2. With gentle & loving guidance/support throughout the entire program I have adapted a few of the lifestyle changes which are beneficial to my mind, body & soul. It would be a disservice to yourself to NOT participate. Take what you need or go all in but I assure you will not regret it for one moment!
Victoria R
It has continued to be an amazing journey being part of Cher’s community of defining in the rooted belief of one’s self. Most recently I participated in the ESM2 program. What a great start to the new year. The program was 10 days, the learnings are a lifetime. I am still practicing what I have learned and will continue. I feel fantastic, energetic, and light from the nourishment of w whole foods and preparation of meals. Intentional rituals and sleep added much success to my journey. Moving my body thru YIN Fusion added to the full body experience.
Jean Marie Rodriguez

“You will no longer tell yourself “I can’t” and you will effortlessly transform into your “I am” as you easily break unwanted habits.” – Cher Meli