Executive and Mid-Level Leadership Mindset Coaching

To say that we are in a new era of management in both small and corporate business models (and everything in between) is a radical understatement. We are in currently in transition from a time of managing our employees, into leadership and coaching. It sounds and is great, but there is a bridge that needs to be built. The current leadership business model through Human Resources, Corporate Code of Conduct and even State Laws, leans heavily on the side of the employees offering very little support for the leadership team. It seems that a sugar coated dialogue takes precedence, with little room for both the difficult (and most productive) conversations, much less firm accountability, leaving leaders feeling resentful toward their employees emotional needs. Finding the balance of truly caring about our team, getting to know them and what makes them tick; learning the best coaching tactics through understanding their mindset and motivational needs while at the same time holding space for your company culture and lets face it, growth of the bottom line, is a tightrope balancing act to say the least. We need to learn skills of both mindful conflict resolution learning to take things personally impersonal. We are only able to achieve true connection and caring for our employees, if we have the opportunity to experience it with and for ourselves. It is essential to provide our leadership with the tools and support which empower them to skillfully guide these professional relationships in a masterful way, with a clear and impersonal mindset.

 I’m very fortunate to have had a diverse professional background, experiencing many levels and styles of management, as an employee and leader in both small and corporate business models, in addition to business ownership, over the past 20+ years. I leaned into my own personal mindset training through many practical meditation styles, philosophies and practices as a result of holding high pressure positions and the toll that it took on me, as a leader. The economic value, innovation, and ability to achieve goals is dependent on our human capital; including our leadership teams. My experience has been that leaders want to truly care about their employees, but need to cultivate resources to call upon in preserving their own well-being, hence, it is essential that you, as a business demonstrate care and support through providing practical, tangible and productive practices.

My expertise and knowledge can assist in developing the tools needed to not only to teach and support your leadership teams in maintaining an equanimous mindset when dealing with challenging situations both with co-workers and clients, but that supports a culture of care, in action, beyond words and concepts.

Please feel free to connect with me to learn more about the tools and methods that I offer, and how they can best serve you, your leadership team and your overall business culture.