Manifesting You 2022 – Coming Soon

    • Includes: Workshop, Materials for a Vision Board, Guided Meditation, Journaling & Reflective Questions, Guidance & Mentorship. Homemade snacks will be served

Manifesting and The Laws of Attraction are not only widely mis-understood, but very much mis-used leading to repetitive life experiences, frustrations and dead-ends.

More often than not, we build a life based on the beliefs of what we should do, as opposed to what feels right. There is rarely conversation or exploration into our personal “dharma”….our individual purpose in this life.

What if we took this opportunity to realign with who we each are, on the fundamental soul level. What if we sought to reveal where we tend to sacrifice our core values leading to the feeling of being perpetually unfulfilled?

What would it FEEL like to be your best you?

We endlessly seek to attract what’s outside of us, measuring our value and success based on how we appear to the world; it’s time to realign to living as our most authentic, individual selves. It is unquestionably from this place that we naturally flow in symphony with the Laws of Attraction and experience spontaneous manifestations beyond our dreams!

In this workshop, we will identify our personal morals, values and code of honor. We’ll explore our holographic natures and identify our unique personal design with awe and respect. relationship priorities, first and foremost with ourselves.