Private Coaching

Self-Prioritization Without Guilt or Shame Addressing Your Spiritual,
Mental, Emotional and Physical Health & Needs

WHO IS THIS FOR? We have been conditioned to believe that self-sacrifice at your personal expense, leading to and often drawing from depletion is virtuous. I’m here to tell you that it is NOT beneficial for anyone. Self- sacrifice is handing over your personal power and vital energy; it actually inhibits you from being of service to others in your personal life design. 

SELF- PRIORITIZATION is unquestionably the best way to live a benevolent life! Consider this: what if you could show up for all of your relationships and life experiences as your BEST SELF with energy to spare? What if you were firmly established in your center of Self Knowing (Self-Centered) and able to hold boundaries when feeling your core values challenged? What if you recognized when you were down, need help and have the ability to ask without guilt or shame? 


*your children

*your significant other

*your extended family

*your career

*your responsibilities

*the demands of society

If you’re serious about making long lasting changes, this is a great option for you. You’ll benefit not only from insights through working with Cher, but most importantly through establish your own practical, daily practice.

The results of these therapy sessions include, but are absolutely not limited to:

  • observing your deeply seated beliefs and how they direct your life and repetitive outcomes
  • healing your relationship with yourself
  • forging and maintaining healthy relationships with others in all areas of life
  • co-creating your life as opposed to having it “happen to you”
  • establishing healthy patterns of communication
  • the many health benefits including decreased stress, healthier sleep, increased energy, etc

This transformative program requires a three month minimum commitment. It can be shared between two individuals seeking to heal a relationship.


  • Initial 90-minute assessment. You’ll discuss your unique path and create the first set of achievable goals.
  • 12, one-hour sessions, occurring once per week, conducted remotely or in-person.
  • Final, 90-minute debrief and integration mapping (45 minutes per individual if the program is shared). This is an opportunity to reflect, share feedback, and establish tools to maintain your daily practice.
  • The baseline investment for this program is $2100, 
  • A minimum 3-month commitment is required to initiate services.
  • All 12 sessions must be scheduled in advance of starting the program; preferably setting a weekly, standing appointment.
  • Sessions must be completed once per week for 12 consecutive weeks.
  • 50% deposit is due at time of booking.
  • The remaining 50% balance is due by week/session 4
  • Three calendar changes are allowed (one per month) throughout the course of the program. Every effort will be made to accommodate these changes; however, in the event that Cher cannot accommodate these changes, one one-hour session will be added to the end of your program (within one week of program completion).
  • No refunds. Should you choose to leave the program before completion, a credit will be offered toward select events (attendance permitting). Credits cannot be applied to retreats unless otherwise approved.

The Courage to Rumble & Empathic Listening

                *I Do: Relationships as a Mirror

                *Manifesting & Fear: Transforming Beliefs & Gratitude

We have many options in life, to cultivate and nurture the underlying energies that accompany hate, anger, resentment and living in in the past, OR we can shift our perception and step into grace through forgiveness.

Radical Forgiveness is Cher’s groundbreaking program, birthed from her own “dark night of the soul”. Drawing from her grandmothers Huna teachings, and her understanding of energetic and relationships, Radical Forgiveness is a truly, life changing practice

Cher offers many educational programs, that can be tailored to your communities needs, from small group, single day “retreats”, weekend intensive programs, to brief, 90minute lectures. Workshops can be offered in studios, private homes, offices, retail locations and event spaces.

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