My seasonal two week lifestyle reset and detox program that prioritizes self-care and personal success through simple, adaptable, and inspired practices.

ESM² is a program based on holistic self-care practices and designed as a seasonal reset to leave you with newly adopted aspects in your daily wellness routine. It’s about setting achievable goals and creating a plan to guide you every step of the way, like a best friend holding your hand, leading you towards a happier, healthier you. 

Self-care is simple and achievable. My program will show you how to implement effective routines into your life for optimal wellbeing. 

Dark Night into the Light

Dark Night into the Light is a program based on the Raja Yoga Practice of Svadhyaya (self-study), Tibetan Buddhism, Huna, life and my all-encompassing ESM² (eat, sleep, move, meditate) program.

Who has not had life experiences which felt like everything has fallen apart and been burned to the ground? Who hasn’t landed at a crossroad realizing that they don’t know what direction to take because they don’t even know who they are as a human being? Who hasn’t wondered why they’re living and what their life’s purpose is?

I believe that we are in a collective process of embodying the archetype of Phoenix Rising.

Join me as we navigate our way through the current challenges we’re faced with, addressing our code of honor and values as a society, but first as individuals. 

Natural Forgiveness

Forgiveness is one of the highest levels of grace we can experience, while at the same time completely selfish (in the best way possible). “Natural Forgiveness” is inspired by the ancient Hawaiian forgiveness prayer, ho’oponopono and the philosophy that everything in this life happens on our behalf.

Empowered Responsibility

More information to come