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Yoga as Relationship

Cancellation/Refund Policy

*Since the primary content of this course lives in the portal and can be self-guided, refunds are not an option. That said, in certain circumstances, a credit for the cost of the course can be an option. Should you wish to receive a credit (and lose access) for the course, please email

Would you like to live a self-empowered life?

There comes a time in life when we choose to either seek happiness from outside of ourselves (relationships, jobs, material things) or to find true peace from within.

If you are looking to live in the past, blame a partner, or refuse to acknowledge yourself as the common factor, then I may not be for you.

If you are ready to move forward with your life, to connect with your true self, and be led by this self, then I am most definitely the teacher for you.

Yoga is relationship. You know that your yoga is working, because your relationships with others improves.

Your relationship with others improves as a result of your relationship with your SELF improving. 

–  T. K. V. Desikachar

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What Students Are Saying

I had taken yoga before but it wasn’t my thing. I’m a dancer, and am used to moving fast to all kinds of music from hip-hop to old school. I felt yoga was a much slower pace and it was hard for me to buy into it. That is, until I took Cher Meli’s class. 

Cher introduced me to roots yoga, which includes basic poses, some quiet meditation, and beautiful music that really puts you in a zone. Her instruction is impeccable, teaching us basic poses, and helping us to achieve them to the best of our ability. Cher’s tone is soft and soothing, and her words are enlightening and inspiring! Truly a gift. 

I love when I have the opportunity to share an hour with Cher. It’s a highlight of my day and something I look forward to.” 

—Michele H.


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