The Art of SelfFULLness

Phoenix Rising

The Art of SelfFULLness is a Holistic program based on the Raja Yoga Practice of Svadhyaya (self-study), Tibetan Buddhism, Huna, life and my all-encompassing esm² (eat, sleep, move, meditate) program.

One of the archetypes that we most commonly share is that of Phoenix Rising. After a certain age, who has not had life experiences which felt like everything has fallen apart and been burned to the ground? Who hasn’t landed at a crossroad realizing that they don’t know what direction to take because they don’t even know who they are as a human being? Who hasn’t wondered why they’re living and what their life’s purpose is?

I believe that we are in a collective process of embodying the archetype of Phoenix Rising.

I truly hope that you’ll join me as we navigate our way through the current challenges that we are faced with, addressing our code of honor and values as a society, but first as individuals. I believe that we each have an opportunity to truly ask….What’s my why?

Let’s have a conversation about how this year has shaped up for you in your life and how this program can be your beacon, guiding you into the next year and beyond.

My goal with this program is two-fold:

*Offering support & community as you navigate your way through these challenging times with grace, as we roll into the election and the holidays

* Take the current life challenges and use them as a navigational tool to work on your behalf, opening the door to living your greatest truth and purpose with peace of mind and heart

What the 3 Month Journey includes:

*Weekly Community Zoom call to answer all of your questions, introduce and discuss new practices (Tuesday evenings, 7-8:30pm EST)

*Weekly Course on Meditation, 3x per week, 20 minute guided meditations focusing on a different technique each week after learning MY Practice:

             ~Monday mornings at 6am
          ~Wednesday afternoons at 1pm
          ~Friday afternoons at 1pm
          ~**Additional meditations on Nov.3, Election Day, Thanksgiving morning & New Year’s Day

*Weekly Friday email filled with

~program enhancements including journaling prompts, walking meditations, gratitude challenges & more
          ~cleanse preparation resources
          ~recorded nidra (yogic sleep) meditations to use at your pleasure

*Facebook Group

*Exclusive Zoom Access to yoga classes -Wednesday evening Raja Restorative (6pm est) and Sunday morning Raja Vinyasa (9am est)

*esm² Cleanse including booklet filled with Ayurvedic inspired self-care, complete cleanse schedule and resources, filled with recipes!

* Three workshops:

~October 17th, Empowered Responsibility / Radical Forgiveness
          ~Nov 15th, NEW MOON! Hero-Mentor/The Laws of Attraction
          ~Dec 27th, CLEANSE BEGINS Shift of Perception/Non-Attachment-Grasping

*Jan 16th closing class

When I calculated the pricing including each of the items listed above, the total cost was $1385 not including the recorded meditations, weekly e-mail with program enhancements, regular communication on our Facebook page

Instead of the full cost, I’m offering this three- month program and all that it encompasses for $800 (can be made in two $400 payments, one by October 14, the second by November 21), which is just under $8 per day for 103 days!

Please email me so that we can schedule and in-depth, Q&A ZOOM call!