How are you LIVING your life?
Are you finding all of the ways that you can't live with joy, excitement, adventure and passion?
Have you been living in the confinements of very limited and limiting parameters?

My travel experiences offer more than just magnificent locations & extraordinary community, these experiences are about balance, inspiration and personal expansion!

What I am offering is a new way of travel in our new reality….travel with purpose! These are not “yoga retreats” nor are they basic “tours”; they are a fusion of both…..passion and adventure with intentional Self-development, wellness & growth. What this looks like is a beautifully curated cultural experience, exploring all that the specific location has to offer with daily “integration practices” of restorative movement, taking time to reflect on how and why our in-the-moment reality is inspiring and expanding our daily reality and potential.

The days of these journeys will include exhilarating adventure, tours, cultural rituals and any other unique experiences specific to the location that I can conjure up. Each day will also include a balanced movement practice with prompts, questions & practices for making your experience one which opens your mind and potential.

When we choose to live an expansive life, our life will answer with unlimited expansion!

Upcoming Experience

Past Experiences

Montauk , 2022

Sabina, 2021

Tulum, 2021