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Becoming the Butterfly “Remote Retreat”

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*Are you feeling like you have an accumulation of physical, mental, emotional & spiritual stress form this past year? Do you wish for a way to intentionally shed that weight?

*At the same time, do you feel like there are parts of this past year that have been transformational in a good way that you wish to retain and expand upon?

*Do you feel like there are parts of this past year that you can’t yet make heads or tails of and need a moment of intentional clarification?

*Do you feel like this past year has been heavy with voices of judgement and that you have been walking a tightrope of respecting your personal core values and aligning with the majority and need to take a moment to get grounded within yourself?

I invite you to consider this past year as having been spent in a cocoon of personal metamorphosis which now holds an invitation to become a butterfly; how do you wish to emerge into springtime and into your life.

Becoming the Butterfly “Remote Retreat” will:


*Include a literal body, mind & spirit detox leaving you feeling lighter in your body mind and heart

*Jump start a spring eating and exercise routine

*Give you user friendly tools to get started in shedding the accumulation of weight; physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually that you can integrate into your day-to-day life

*Assist in identify the areas of your life that you wish to cultivate and provide simple yet achievable goal setting strategies

*Offer you the opportunity to reflect on this past year, personally & objectively and to realign with your core values and identify your personal honor code

*An opportunity identify fear and judgement based stressors & release shadow feelings associated with them through compassion


Becoming the Butterfly Remote Retreat includes:


*Friday evening Community Connect followed by an EXCLUSIVE “Happy Hour” Class (the very first preview of a new format that I’ve been working on!)

*Saturday Workshop including a hatha yoga class, beauty ritual, meditation, journaling and inspired conversation

*Sunday morning Yin Yoga & Closing Community Connect

*a booklet including:

-3 day Spring detox meal plan including shopping list and recipes

-Ayurvedic inspired Self-Care detox ritual

-resources for many of my favorite beauty practices and products

31 Day Be the Change Meditation & Mindset Journey- the foundational program –
Fully on-demand, automated program coming in February

A four week journey:
Week one- Introduction to “MY Practice” & Turn off the noise- digital, media and television detox (recommended for the entire 31 days)

Program includes a workshop Saturday, January 9am-1pm
Week two- Connect with your Self
Week three- Self-study and cultivation of courage & integrity
Week four- be your SELF

This is a completely automated program, including a daily email with each days meditation practice (average time 5-10minutes) and chuck full with resources, program enhancements and more!

esm² (eat. sleep. move. meditate) 10 Day Lifestyle Detox – Ayurvedic & Adaptogenic Inspired

10 day automated program coming soon

What my clients say

How working with Cher has changed my life

I had taken yoga before but it wasn’t my thing. I’m a dancer, and am used to moving fast to all kinds of music from hip-hop to old school. I felt yoga was a much slower pace and it was hard for me to buy into it. That is, until I took Cher Meli’s class. Cher introduced me to roots yoga, which includes basic poses, some quiet meditation, and beautiful music that really puts you in a zone. Her instruction is impeccable, teaching us basic poses, and helping us to achieve them to the best of our ability. Cher’s tone is soft and soothing, and her words are enlightening and inspiring! Truly a gift. I love when I have the opportunity to share an hour with Cher. It’s a highlight of my day and something I look forward to.
Michele H.
I have been practicing yoga and meditation for many years now, and I have never found a teacher who has made me feel the way I feel after I attend one of Cher’s classes. Cher has a power within that holds space for transformation. In her one-hour class, I swear I feel like a completely different person when I leave. I sometimes come into class stressed and overwhelmed, and I leave with peace in my heart. I have never in all the years met a teacher who genuinely cares and creates a sacred space of healing and, most importantly, love! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Cher. You have no idea how much you have changed my life!
Christina A.
“Start living your WHY now”
“Would you like to live a fully, self-empowered life? There comes a time in life that we have a choice, the choice to seek our ultimate peace of mind and happiness from outside of ourselves, through relationships, jobs, material things, etc.; or to find true peace, love & joy form within. This is an initially challenging process of getting real and seeing oneself as the common factor for our quality of life and relationships. What I have to offer is not for everyone. If you are looking for a partner in blame, to hang out in the past re-living your circumstances such as parenting, socio-economic factors, traumatic experiences, etc., then I am not for you. If you are ready to move forward with your life, connecting with and being guided by your true self, as opposed to the conditioned belief patterns that perpetually lead you down the same road to frustration, then I am the teacher for you.”

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