Train your mind to focus and become the best version of you, even if you don’t know what that looks like (yet)

Meditation is not a “one size fits all” solution to our pains. Dropping into a meditation app or occasional practice does not offer lasting results.
I will curate an effective, customized program just for you addressing your personal needs and goals. Not only will you finally experience change in the directions of life that you desire, but you will enjoy the process!


Goal Clarification and Achievement

Stress Management

Anxiety & Depression

Spiritual Growth

Breaking Toxic Beliefs and Behaviors

Manage Over-thinking

Healing from Painful Experiences

Manifesting/ The Laws of Attraction

and MORE

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Pharmaceuticals and Therapy are NOT your only options to moving beyond your personal pains and challenges (although meditation is an excellent companion tool if these practices are necessary).

You do NOT have to pay thousands of dollars to a Coach or “Guru” to achieve you life goals!

Meditation apps will not provide the depth of personalization necessary for a meditation practice to WORK

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What Students Are Saying


I have been practicing yoga and meditation for many years now, and I have never found a teacher who has made me feel the way I feel after I attend one of Cher’s classes. Cher has a power within that holds space for transformation. In her one-hour class, I swear I feel like a completely different person when I leave. I sometimes come into class stressed and overwhelmed, and I leave with peace in my heart. I have never in all the years met a teacher who genuinely cares and creates a sacred space of healing and, most importantly, love! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Cher. You have no idea how much you have changed my life

Christina A.


Cher was my second yoga class. I wasn’t going to go because the first one didn’t do anything for me but I said I would try again and went to Cher’s class. I never thought I could relax enough to do yoga/meditation. But Cher worked her magic and it grabbed me. She is an amazing woman and teacher.

Ronnie T.


My first experience of meditation with Cher was in her restorative yoga classes. Her intuitive guidance in the yoga sessions blew me away after I had the thought in a pose, “I wish I could have some assistance with this stretch” and less than a minute later she was behind me, assisting me with the stretch. After experiencing Cher’s yoga classes I knew I had to begin attending her meditation groups and have received so much clarity and guidance from my own inner self on sticky situations and internal struggles.

In my most recent meditation with Cher I was able to tap into a past life and conquer a lesson that my soul has been working through for centuries. The space Cher holds for her clients and students is so special and unique and has facilitated me coming back to myself to where I can achieve the meditative states and receive the guidance on my own.

Jackie Shields

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The secret to all of my clients success and MY success in overcoming limiting patterns, habits and beliefs is by taking full responsibility for our current reality, and Self prioritizing without guilt or shame by committing to YOU and your daily, Custom Meditation Prescription

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About Me

HI! I’m Cher and through 25 years of study and practice, I have put meditation practices to test in some of the darkest, most painful times of my life and can share that it works! I’ve guided literally thousands of students and those who have embraced and committed to a personal practice have finally experienced success in overcoming their challenges and making great strides to achieving their goals!

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