Dark Night Doula Spiritual Counseling

Workshops, Speaking Engagements and Event Bookings

Cher offers many educational programs that can be tailored to the needs of your community; these include small group workshops, single-day retreats, weekend intensive programs, lectures. Workshops can be offered in studios, private homes, offices, retail locations and event spaces.

For details and booking, please email Hello@CherMeli.com

Please click on the Workshop offerings for examples of some of the current topics that are offered.


Natural Forgiveness

  • There are infinite ways one cultivates and nurtures the underlying energies that accompany hate, anger, resentment and perpetual past life living. However, this does not have to be the way; we can shift our perception and step into grace through forgiveness.
  • Radical Forgiveness is Cher’s groundbreaking program, birthed from her own “dark night of the soul. ”She draws from her grandmother’s Huna teachings and her understanding of energy and relationships.
  •  Radical Forgiveness is a truly, life-changing practice.



  • The Courage to Rumble & Empathic Listening
  • I Do: Relationships as a Mirror
  • Manifestation and Fear: Transforming Beliefs and Gratitude


Mindfulness & Meditation

  • Introduction to Mindfulness & Meditation: Detox Your Mind & Spirit
  • Self Study & Contemplation: Gifts from the Shadow Side
  •  MY Practice: Cultivating a Home Meditation & Yoga Practice
  • Manifestation and Fear: Transforming Beliefs & Gratitude